PRP Facials

San Antonio Provider of Platelet Rich Plasma Facials To Help You Fight The Most Common Signs Of Aging.


effective for treating problems that result from a loss of volume in your skin, such as frown lines, wrinkles around your eyes and smile lines.


The technology behind PRP Facials has also been proven effective for treating the neck, jaw, mid-face and cheek areas, as well as acne scarring.

Long Lasting

The results of a PRP Facial last two years or longer. Some lifestyle habits, such as smoking and sun exposure, may affect your individual results.


Minimal Down-Time

The entire procedure takes about 20 minutes in most cases, but you should plan to spend about two hours at your appointment so that the blood can be collected and processed.

How Does A PRP Facial Work?

The secret behind the results of your PRP Facial is the growth factors that are found in your blood. Growth factors are a key part of collagen, keratin and hyaluronic acid production that maintains the volume of your skin. Over time, your body produces less of these substances, resulting in lines and wrinkles.

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What is the Difference Between The PRP Facelift and PRP Facial?

There is difference between the PRP Facial and The PRP Facelift. With the PRP Facelift  platelet rich plasma used alongside hyaluronic acid fillers such as Voluma XC by Juvederm.  This type of treatment is ideal for areas you’d like the most improvements in, such as deep lines.  Each procedure is specifically suited to the goals of the client at KeyLife.

The PRP Facial does not include any injection with a syringe. The PRP (platelet rich plasma) is spread over the skin and the fine needles of of the micro needle device creates “entry pores” to the top layers of the skin.

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